Work Website Design & Development

Below is a selection of websites that I supported the design and/or development.


A simple, scalable, stylish website which gives ample control to the designers to populate at their heart's content.


A big website for a big music festival & conference. Automation used to minimise management & improve artist engagement.

Brisbane Writer's Festival

Festivals, Events, Writers, Articles, Podcasts, Supporters, Partners. Brisbane Writer's Festival has it all and needs a solution that can dynamically scale throughout the year(s).

Great Barrier Reef Foundation

A Great Barrier Reef map experience that allows you to dive into the reef from your device, alongside simple, scalable content components that allow for dynamic web publishing.

Hutchinson Builders

One of Australia's biggest construction companies, super fun to work with & visualise every single project (thousands and thousands) onto Google Maps with profile pages for featured projects.

Queensland Ballet

Queensland's premier ballet company needed a stylish website that provides ample detail for each performance.

VAE Group

Engineering a design system and web components that mirror VAE Group's brand and give them opportunity to develop thier web content strategy without the need for development.