About I'm a Brisbane based UI/UX Designer & Web Developer

My name is Scott, & I design & build universally accessible, performant, & responsive web interfaces.

I am constantly learning & bettering my skills; always excited to further develop my understanding of inclusive web design & development.

I have experience with a full-stack of technologies with a primary focus on creating performant website that are simple & intuative to view & maintain.

I graduated from the University of Queensland with a Bachelor of Multimedia Design in 2012. Since then, I have been living & working in Brisbane, Australia as a Digital Developer for bigfish.tv.


Below is a selection of websites that I supported the design and/or development.


A collection of projects & experiments for efficiency, exploration, & fun.


Articles written to express my personal experiences with design & development.

Style Guide

A demonstration of the visual styles of the various elements that comprise the design of this site including headings & typographic styles.