About Brisbane based UI / UX Designer & Web Developer

My name is Scott, & I design & build universally accessible, performant, & responsive web interfaces.

I am a User Interface (UI) & User Experience (UX) Designer & Web Developer in Brisbane Australia. I design & build universally accessible, performant, & responsive web interfaces.

Man staring at screen wearing a blue cap, lower half of face is covered by out-of-focus screen
📷 Wearing an on-brand cap, and heavily focussed on code.

About me

I’ve been building websites for over 15 years, 5 professionally as a UX designer & Web Developer at bigfish.tv.


Bachelor of Multimedia Design - University of Queensland (2012)


I am constantly learning & bettering my skills; always excited to further develop my understanding of inclusive web design & development. I help people communicate effectively on the web with simple and intuitive websites that users love.


I believe the best outcomes are created with a strategy that fundamentally understands user requirements and objectives.

My understanding of the technical implementation details ensures I consider all constraints including: privacy, security, internationalisation, and search engine optimisation.

My unique skillset provides strategies that are efficient to communicate within teams, and ultimately to implement.

I can help you ensure that your website is better suited for all audiences.

  • Internationalisation
  • Navigation
  • Search Engine Optimisation


My love of good design is central to delivering great outcomes.

I create and implement brands through color palettes, typography, photography, and iconography, and the creation of user interfaces which are simple and intuitive to use.

I not only ensure design is well-researched for the best user experience, and planned with interfacece and data architecture, but also executed through utilising design systems.

I am passionate about design and its impact across every aspect of the web.

  • Typography
  • Icons
  • SVG
  • Accessibility
  • Design Systems
  • Responsive Web Design


The best design outcomes on the web are ultimately delivered through their technical implantation.

I am passionate about performance, security, privacy, and accessibility. These provide the best outcomes for users, and are foundation for everything I create on the web.

I have experience with a full-stack of technologies with a primary focus on creating performant website that are simple & intuitive to view & maintain.


In addition to my strategy, design, and technical skills, I have extensive experience working with businesses to effectively communicate the benefits of the web to their objectives.

I have started a business, managed a business, and most-recently worked closely with businesses as a web service provider.



Improving user experiences through effective design and development.


A collection of projects & experiments for efficiency, exploration, & fun.


Articles written to express my personal experiences with design & development.

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